Why Helix?

Passion, commitment, perseverance, flexibility, and a strong work ethic are some of the values at the core of Helix Hospitality that have enabled our success over the past two decades. 

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Helix Hospitality started from humble beginnings. Our founders - filled with hope and committed to hard work - began as operators, running and managing a single hotel in Montgomery, Alabama.

Over time, they began to assemble a team of dedicated individuals who shared their vision and strong work ethic. Technology systems were developed, common practices implemented, and a culture of value and respect flourished. As their aspirations grew alongside the business, they knew that true success could only be achieved by sticking to the values that guided them in those early days.

Today, those same values are still at the core of everything we do. As the hospitality industry changes and evolves in the years to come, Helix Hospitality will continue to thrive by relying on the strong foundation established over two decades ago.